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What is 


TRACIMOC is Comic Art, Backwards! Inspired by the excitement and power of comic book art, TRACIMOC takes homeless comic books and transforms them into unique useable or wearable art.


The birth of Tracimoc started many years ago when someone threw

away a long box full of comics I couldn't resist adopting them and creating them into something of my very own. It wasn't very long before my friends also asked me to make them some comicessories. It was through this that I realized transforming the comic book pages into new and wearable art was allowing me to bring a new life to the comic book pages and their stories. People are able to show off their favorite comic book hero in a completely unique and original way. I decided to share my art at the Boston Comic Con in 2011 and since then have continued to attend comic cons, Maker Faires and art shows. Whenever I start to run low on comic books a new box looking for a good home always seems to show up. Your imagination can invoke endless ideas and I let mine run away when it comes to my comic creations. Just like the stories of brave heroes and comic characters, TRACIMOC is always ready for a new adventure so check back for new products added all the time! 

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